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Postby morganmariah » Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:42 pm

Hi, I'm MorganMariah. I'm 22 years old, a senior art major (graduating this fall--2013) and i live with my boyfriend in a 2 bedroom apt with Luna, Nala, Kitty, Delilah, and Avacyn. Luna is an 8 month old APBT; Nala is a 4 month old half blue pit/half siberean husky. Kitty is a 12 lb orange tabby tom; Delilah is a tiny black calico, and Avacyn is a beautiful female Birman cat.

My first encounter with a pit bull was a creamy female stray named Lady. My mother used to drive a school bus for a little school in the country and her route started at 5am. One morning, we had been on the route for about 15 min (first stop was about 30 min from the school) when she asked me if there was a dog in the back of the bus. Since we had approached the bus together, i knew the door had been closed and locked. However, when i looked behind me, there was a square creamy head peeking up from the back seat. As i looked, i heard my mom informing me that it looked like a pit bull and to approach with caution because it might be scared. *note that my mother didn't jump to pit bulls being dangerous, but encouraged her 12 yr old daughter to approach it.* I calmly walked to the back of the bus and sat down in a seat one row up and across the aisle to talk to the dog. She immediately came over and put her head in my lap. I coaxed her up to the front of the bus where she rode till we got back to school. We took her home where she lived for several years. She was a great dog and so friendly with all our animals.

The next pit bull i had was Luna, who I clearly still have. I came upon Luna entirely by accident. I was checking a classifieds page for my area and saw a post for a little female pit bull puppy that needed a new home. The problem was that she was 3 months old already, so i was confused as to why they would be getting rid of her (around here, most pups are adopted by the time they're 2 months old, so i was worried something was wrong with her that they had decided not to keep her.) The guy selling her had bought her for his daughters about a month earlier, but his landlord found out she was a pit bull and said she had to go. They gave him a week to find her a new home or he'd have to take her to the pound. The "humane society" in my area euthanizes pit bulls as soon as they walk in the door, and she was far too beautiful to let that happen, so i adopted her. Five months later, i couldn't be happier.

Nala came to us in much the same way. We saw her post on my boyfriend's 21st birthday and picked her up the next morning. She's a ball of energy, but she's so sweet.

I'm actually really bad at talking about myself, but some random facts are as follows:
i'm a photographer, thinking about specializing in pet photography.
my username on almost everything is morganmariah or morganmariah09, so if you want to check out my tumblr, facebook, flickr, try one of those. i think FB has the 09 at the end.
i also want to get into obedience training, but there isn't anything around my area to help with that, so for now i'm just helping my friends train their dogs.
i like to read fantasy and young adult fiction (i might be 22, but i have the imagination of a 10 yr old)
i have a corn snake too, but Pyro lives with my mom, who uses her as a breeder.

i will now attempt to add pictures of my clan (i couldn't figure it out, so here are some links to pictures instead):



Those are both Luna. i don't appear to have any pictures of Nala, Kitty, or Delilah on the internet, but here's Avacyn:

(she jumped in the tub while it was draining and stayed there till every drop had been chased and batted down the drain)

If anyone wants to know anything else about me or my clan, let me know :)

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Re: hi

Postby AllisonPitbullLvr » Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:16 pm

Welcome :)

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Re: hi

Postby Curly_07 » Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:00 pm

Thank you for the very detailed intro! Hope you enjoy it here :)


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