my first PITter patter

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my first PITter patter

Postby taurustendency » Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:19 pm

awe...theres nothing like the pitter patter of little puppy feet! and ive just gotten my first pitbull puppy named LEGO. :thumbsup:

hello everyone. my name is april, and i live in missouri with my boyfriend and his 5 year old son, part of the time. im 33 and have been animal owner since birth. mainly cats and snakes, but for the last 8 years or so, ive really become quite the dog person. no one ever thought it would happen, but i guess i would say that dogs have actually become a passion. soon, i will be working on becoming a dog trainer. when our financial situation picks up a little, i will be going to school for it. but for now, im just enjoying training my own.

other members of the house include:
my 8 year old female mutt Nadia, who ive had since a pup.
my boyfriends 8 year old female mutt Saidie, who hes had since a pup.
my 10 year old male orange tabby cat, Thurston Fur Moore, ive had since a kitten.
and finally my boyfriends sons male kitten Jiminy Cricket.

there were more, but recently weve had a string of "goodbyes." :crybaby: a few months ago, my elderly cat who was 18 passed away from old age. that was hard, as ive had her for over half my life. and this past saturday i lost another kitty due to his chronic kidney disease. with medicine and diet, he put up a good fight, but the past three weeks have been hard with his last crash. IV fluid trips to the vet, force feeding at home...helping him go potty. finally it was just time.

so lately the house had been feeling a little empty. for months now, we had been talking about getting another dog, but were naturally pretty busy with the kitties, and have been putting it off. but on monday, we decided that it was time. and it was time for a male. we had our eye on a few dogs for several weeks, but ultimatley decided on Lego after learning of him on petfinder. we hadnt given him too much thought until just one day we were like "okay, lets go get him!" and we immediately got up and went out the door, and drove 90 miles to get him, not even knowing if the shelter would close before we got there. it was a race against time. but with ten minutes to spare we arrived and snagged him up! and we already adore this little guy!

he is an APBT/lab mix...though i dont see any lab in him at all. and with him being my first pitbull ever, i am full of questions like "is there something wrong with him, or is this just the breed?" so hopefully i dont drive you all crazy! the shelter thinks he is 4 months old, but that was just a guess. so i guess our story our story with him starts there. right off the bat he was taken to a shelter, we dont know why. while in there, he got parvo. and then kennel cough. so he is a little skinny. hes had a rough ride so far, with no love to comfort him. but he is happy now and hopefully well on his way to becoming a good canine citizen and perfect pit role model.

im sure i will need lots of advice, so i would like to thank you guys in advance for your insight and experience! and as soon as i read up on posting pics a little more (i dont use photobucket or anything like that, so i may not even be able to), i will get all you puppy gushers a few pics of Lego. Thanks all!

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Re: my first PITter patter

Postby jamielvsaustin » Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:30 pm

Awe-he sounds awesome and lucky to have found you guys! Thanks for adopting :)

If you use your phone to access the forum there's an app called tapatalk (I think it's a couple bucks) and you can upload your pictures straight from your photo album on your phone. Otherwise you'll have to use a photobucket type provider. I think it has something to do with space on the forum. If you're just taking a link from photobucket and pasting it here it doesn't take up much room...but if you post the actual picture it can.

Anyhow, welcome to the forum. I'm going to approve you so you can start reading around and posting any questions you might have. Good luck in your journey with your new pup :)


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