Dog not eating, farting

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Dog not eating, farting

Postby crlovel » Thu Sep 18, 2014 6:53 am

So for a few days now, my dog, Joker (Sharpei/pit/boxer mutt) has been not eating much. Shows reluctance toward his dog food (hard food, Kirkland Signature Super Premium Lamb and Rice), acts like he hates it. Normally, he's a fairly slow eater, but the past few days, he's gone from slow to barely eating. Like, he'll take a tiny bite, look at me sadly as he chews ("how can you make me eat this chocolate?"), swallows, takes another bite, looks at me sad, and so on. But he still LOVES anything from the human table. He'll grab it right up. Yesterday I gave him some rice and dog food, he ate it right up, but then, this morning, he stared at his breakfast and wouldn't touch it. But then he went out and peed/dumped normally.

His farts have been horrific. He's always had gas, but lately it's gone from room-clearing to house-clearing. His poo is normal. His energy is through the roof as always. No feelings of tenderness in the tummy, he plays constantly with our other pit, no sign of lethargy, pain, etc. He just acts like he HATES his food (the pittie is no issue, she's a garbage disposal on four legs, she'll eat anything) and he's farting his brains out.

So - is this a matter of a dog hating his food, or is there a more serious issue do you think?

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Re: Dog not eating, farting

Postby El_EmDubya » Thu Sep 18, 2014 3:28 pm

This is likely a problem of you feeding the wrong food.

If there is a "negative reinforcer", aka stomach pain, your dog will learn not to eat the food you give him. Farts are a sign of intestinal distress, especially if they smell really bad. You can supplement with probiotics (preferably soil based) and reduce the carb load to help with the farts. Carbs feed the bad bugs...

Besides there is nothing wrong with feeding your dog "human" food - with these caveats:

1. Don't feed anything that comes prepackaged.
2. Feed a caloric ratio of Fat:Protein:Carb = 65:25:10

Search under the BARF 101 thread for more home cooked info..

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Re: Dog not eating, farting

Postby ChelseaB » Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:00 am

Sounds like you have a picky eater. I would try a dog food a littler higher in quality than Kirkland. You can get some good stuff that's not super pricey at Tractor Supply, or you can get really pricey with the designer brands.
The gas could be likely be a result of his gobbling up of human food, especially if he's eating it fast and gulping in lots of air along with it. If you want to keep with the human food (check BARF 101 first to make sure it's safe first), and try feeding it in a "slow feeder" bowl. Petco has these super fun food maze bowls that really cut down on the amount of air that's gets gulped down if you have a fast eater/big farter. Whatever food changes you make, make sure you switch gradually. Since it sounds like he's not a fan of his food already though, I would try a really bland diet of boiled chicken and rice, and very gradually mix in larger and larger amounts of whatever dry food you want to switch to (if you decide to go that route). Good luck!

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Re: Dog not eating, farting

Postby petty254 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:52 pm

It sounds like bloat, and perhaps at this point, no torsion.

Best thing is to take to a vet. BUT, if he is expelling gas, I would do a few things...

Extended fast (no food while in this condition), Gas-X, later charcoal capsules, and lots of walking.

If that doesn't help, to the vet ASAP, might be a partial obstruction which will ultimately be fatal. If that does help, then I would look at the food your feeding, or maybe there is something like a bacteria issue.
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