wound care ?

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wound care ?

Postby loye » Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:56 pm

Hi, so, I recently moved to FL and sue to the initial cost of the move, was unable to get my dog flea preventative, unfortunately, he got fleas. My dogs have NEVER had fleas and I feel absolutely terrible! I had given him a flea bath and he seemed to be good for a couple days, however, I didn't spray the house as well and he got them again. So, I went out and got the spray so that I can bathe him while my husband sprays the house (trying to do it simultaneously and then take the kids and dogs somewhere for the cuple hours it says to stay out). I'm also then going to put on his flea treatment.

My concern is, I noticed the other night he has a wound on his tail from biting the same spot over and over. I've tried covering it, but nothing Stays on. My husband doesn't want me washi g him and gettind soap on it (I understand, but we need to give him his flea bath). What can I put on it to help heal it? Make him stop biting? We're working on trying to make arrangements with a vet, but need something for the poor guy in the meantime. Thanks in advance...this is killing me :(

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Re: wound care ?

Postby Nickdawg » Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:01 pm

can you wrap in gauze and tape it loosely - best would be to see if you can get a cheap cone (craigslist, used places etc.) so he can't get to it ... is their a local pit bull rescue who assist in emergencies, vet who would lend you a cone? I think polysporin might be fine to put on it BUT only if he has cone and can't lick it...

- also I hope you are getting him the advantix flea product directly from vet - my understanding is drugstore products can be poor quality and a bit toxic.... years ago had a bad experience with a kitty and drug store brand...

good luck....

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