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Postby BullyBreedLover » Wed Jun 29, 2005 7:47 pm

SOOO CUTE I wish i could have a handful of pitties! hehe Wait maybe i shouldnt say that....Sometimes when ya get what you want you dont want it no more...hehehe the 3 dogs i have are ENOUGH! not to mention the 5 cats plus fosters, the 2 snakes, the lory parrot, the rabbit, the geckos, and the fish! ::sigh:: :roll:


My o' my

Postby Cheripits » Thu Jun 30, 2005 7:44 am

Hey Bullylover,
Have you started to build that "ark" yet? haha. Your house sounds like a zoo. (I mean that in the nicest way) It really means that you have a very big heart, and must be a pretty nice human. I commend you on giving so much love out!
My 5 are about all I can manage at this time, but we are planning on breeding "Baby Girl" this year, and if I know me, I'll be keeping some out of that. They are like pototoe chips to me, I just can't stop at one.
Thanks for the reply
Hugs to your gang from all of us


Postby BullyBreedLover » Thu Jun 30, 2005 8:44 am

hehehe it is a zoo i am lucky i have a boyfriend that puts up with us all. I work as a vet tech so naturally anything that needs a home im a sucker about. All the dogs and cats are rescues...I am at my limit now though. I do foster kittens that are found and find them homes. My pit is my newest dog and shes not to fond of other strange dogs so thats a good excuse for me not to get ANYMORE! Cant wait to see pics of the babies when they come! You got yout hands full there too. Talk to you soon....

Sonya :)


Postby Jamez503 » Fri Jul 01, 2005 8:50 pm

You have some nice looking bullys. I saw one of your post asking about Ruby is from the Gaff line. Anyway, welcome :))


Hey Jamez

Postby Cheripits » Sat Jul 02, 2005 7:16 am

Your "Ruby" is just stunning!
Only our last 2 pups have 14 "Gaff's" in their lines. I was surprised to find that they come out of Calif.(being that I am way down here in S.Fla). But I spoke with her on the phone and she was kind enough to send me pics of most of our relatives.
If you want, you can tell me some of the names and I might have a pic of that dog to share with you.
Thanks for writing
Big squeezes to "Ruby" from us!

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